Polly wants a witness; parrot to be key in murder trial?

Posted at 2:54 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 14:53:45-04

ENSLEY TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN - A movie-like murder case in Michigan is developing in a peculiar way due to an eyewitness who saw the crime from a bird’s eye view… literally.

An African grey parrot was the only witness to a grim murder scene that left Martin Duram dead by gunshot and his wife, Glenna, with severe gunshot wounds to the head.

Mrs. Duram denies any involvement in the foul play, stating that she didn’t shoot herself or her husband and she also claims that she has no memory of writing three suicide notes for various family members.

But the victim’s family say that Bud, the parrot, is singing a different tune.

The parrot apparently has been reenacting the scene, mimicking an intense argument between a man and a woman, and repeating the phrase, “Don’t f***ing shoot!”

Parrot expert, Andrea Cirillo, had this to say, “Birds love drama… so the reason that (the) bird was repeating the scene was because there was shouting.”

However, the prosecution currently isn’t relying on Bud to place his right wing on the bible and testify in court, doubting that there’s any precedent case to justify this evidence as reliable.

“Ultimately what we're going to look at is if this is a piece of information we really need to prosecute this case,” said Robert Springstead, the prosecuting attorney.

The police are still investigating, but if there’s any way this Polly can help crack the case, Bud’s beak will be a big breakthrough for court room history.