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Hollywood Doctor Highlights City's Commitment to World-Class Healthcare

Courtesy: City of Hollywood
Posted at 1:14 PM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-16 13:26:31-04

“In our healthcare system, we don’t leave anybody behind. Everybody is treated.”

For Dr. Randall Katz, treating patients at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood isn’t just a job. As Memorial Healthcare System’s Chairman of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Katz also lives in this thriving community. He knows his neighbors and that they depend on the care they receive at Memorial, and have since its inception in Hollywood in 1953.

“You can’t walk into a private hospital because there are no resources there for you, especially if you are a taxpayer that happens to not be insured. In the Memorial Healthcare System we don’t leave anyone behind, regardless of their ability to pay. Everybody is treated. Patients who show up who live in South Broward within our boundaries - we’re responsible for them and we take care of them.”

The Memorial Healthcare System is the third largest public healthcare system in the United States. With two of their hospitals located in Hollywood, Memorial is known for providing outstanding patient and family-centered care, as well as noteworthy, cutting-edge research and medical education opportunities.

Both Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Regional Hospital South offer extensive and diverse healthcare services that include a Level 1 Trauma Center, the Cardiac and Vascular Institute featuring renowned surgeons, the Memorial Cancer Institute and Memorial Neuroscience Institute that provide innovative technology for treatment and world-class physicians. Hollywood is also home to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital at Memorial, one of the region’s leading full-service pediatric hospitals treating minor illnesses and trauma-related accidents to some of the most complex medical conditions.

Dr. Katz believes now more than ever, it is important to have a strong relationship between the neighborhood healthcare system and the community to create a positive outcome of all. “It starts when the patient calls 9-1-1 and it ends when the patient leaves the hospital and even after that. My position allows me to tie together the relationship between the city and their first responders and our medical team within the system.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Katz says Memorial’s partnership with the City of Hollywood and Broward County was instrumental in quickly ramping up community testing for COVID-19. “It’s a really important example of how combining our resources, as opposed to working separately, absolutely improved the care in our community.”

Located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, with pristine beaches, superior restaurants, booming art scene, and vibrant downtown, Hollywood is a top destination for world-wide tourism and locals alike.

“There’s a huge community component to our system,” says Dr. Katz. “We’re always out there working with our partners like the City of Hollywood, educating, providing preventive care, and solid medical advice to the community.” As the City approaches its centennial celebration, Hollywood remains a premier destination for quality healthcare services, cutting-edge medical research and life-saving treatment options. See Life. See Opportunities in Florida’s Hollywood.

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