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Local South Florida artist creates a Superhero series

Posted at 2:48 PM, Jul 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-27 16:48:15-04

Comic Connoisseur is back and this week we are highlighting a local South Florida artist who created a superhero series, it's a TV show and a brand called "Mascara Fighters".

"This origin story is about five brothers that define the energy mascara. But they can't control it, so they meet these bad guys, the Meadow family, but they betray them, creating a rivalry. And that's how Mascara Fighters begin,' says Luis Felipe Dulanto. Creator of "Mascara Fighters"

Local South Florida artist, Luis Felipe created "Mascara Fighters" during his senior year in college. Since then, he’s developed a numerous amount of stories with the characters, which bring him so much joy.

"It's been a lot of fun to do this type of stuff because story-telling in any form can be incredible. But to actually draw something and then put it together, it's been awesome," states Dulanto.

Instead of creating a hard-book comic book series in mascara fighters, Luis decided to create a tv series.

"Well, we are in 2020 and the world has been changing a lot. And people want content now, so make it now" says Luis Felipe.

Creating this world has been special for Luis and it brings him happiness in how much the show has grown.

"Actually two years ago, I was able to launch my first toy line. Once you physically have a figure in your hand, once you say 'hey look this is my Mascara Fighters toy.' This is mine and I created this world. And seeing other people with it too, That's one of the beautiful things about doing stuff like this because sometimes when you draw, when you do things or when you imagine and create these fabulous worlds, there are all great in your heads, But, until its all physically in your hand, it's amazing," said Dulanto.

To watch mascara fighters you can go to YouTube and search "Mascara Fighters" or if you want to know more you can go here.

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