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CityPlace Doral Discounts on Takeout & Delivery During Coronavirus

Posted at 9:57 AM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 10:29:47-04

The fountain at CityPlace Doral continues to flow during the Coronavirus. The streaming and spiraling water serving as the backdrop to the efforts made by the local restaurant and business owners who serve up takeout and delivery orders.

Here you can grab delicacies at Granier, a European style bakery, pick up discounted sushi at SuViche, or a burger at BurgerFi. There are full course meals at Tap 42 and Cooper’s Hawk, or pick up groceries at Fresh Market.

Cityplace Doral has plenty to offer during COVID-19 as they continually prepare to reopen someday.

Plenty of patrons are taking advantage of many of the COVID-19 offers like 50% off at SuViche, 20% off at The Cheese Course, and free delivery from Granier.

SuViche: 50% OFF Sushi, Ceviche & More
(786) 598-8696

The Cheese Course: 20% OFF to go orders
(786) 899-4033

Granier: Free Delivery in Doral area

And here’s a list of other restaurants still open and offering tasty treats: BurgerFi, Cooper’s Hawk, 4D Gelateria, Tap 42, and Fresh Market. Give them a call or visit their websites.

(305) 856-9918 & UberEats

Cooper’s Hawk
(786) 814-4777

4D Gelateria
(786) 301-4078 & UberEats

TAP 42
(786) 502-8253, UberEats & PostMates

The Fresh Market