Hash Browns just got tastier! – McDonald’s to test all-day breakfast

Posted at 12:43 PM, Mar 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-30 12:41:52-04

McDonald’s will soon begin serving breakfast all day as part of a limited test, according to a report from Janney Capital Markets.

Analyst Mark Kalinowski says while the test would “make sense,” it could cause some problems:

Here’s an explanation from McDonald’s website:

It comes down to the sheer size of kitchen grills. They simply don’t have the room for all of our menu options at one time — especially considering we use our grill to prepare many items on our breakfast menu.

McDonald’s is facing renewed breakfast pressure from Taco Bell who recently announced a series of new breakfast menu items and took aim at the fast-food giant in its marketing campaign.

McDonald’s has not commented on the report.