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Arrow Wed. 5/6 Preview

Posted at 5:24 PM, May 05, 2015
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Starling City is in for a heck of a ride. And with Team Arrow being Oliver Queen-less, things aren’t looking so bright.

We all know that Oliver, or as we know him now as Al Sah-Him, made the ultimate ironic sacrifice: He left his family behind so that he could save his family. After Ra’s Al Ghul kills Thea, it was made clear to Oliver that the only way that Ra’s will stop terrorizing his family and destroying his name is to accept his offer to becoming the Heir to the Demon.

After taking a dip in the Lazarus Pit, Thea is back on her feet and wants nothing more than to bring her brother back home to Starling City and the rest of Team Arrow feel no different. As a matter of fact, they nearly succeeded in kidnapping Oliver in Nanda Parbat when Felicity drugged him with a substance in his drink. Unfortunately, that plan came to an abrupt halt when Oliver awoke mid-escape and sent off the League of Assassins in the catacombs.

Accepting his new role as the Heir to the Demon, Oliver took on his new identity as Al Sah-Him and begins intense regimens and begins to follow Ra’s Al Ghul’s dirty deeds. His first mission, to eliminate the only other rival to be given the opportunity at the heir, Ra’s Al Ghul’s own daughter, Nyssa Al Ghul, who is currently in Starling City.

Upon hearing the news of Oliver becoming the heir via Laurel, Nyssa becomes infuriated and preps for her inevitable confrontation with Al Sah-Him and leads a fight against him with the aid of Diggle and Black Canary. Upon the battle, the League takes Diggle’s wife hostage.

During the exchange to retrieve her back, a fight between Team Arrow and the League breaks out and Thea comes to save the team under her own hood and bow.

And on top of all of this chaos, Ra’s has demanded that Nyssa marries Al Sah-Him to become the wife of the Heir to the Demon. It’s safe to assume that Ra’s likes to keep it in the family.

To finish the monumental episode, Felicity reveals to Thea that Roy was never killed and that his death was faked so that he may leave Starling City to start anew. After giving Thea the letter that Roy left for her, she is now given the option of whether or not to follow Roy in his new life or to go save her brother from Ra’s Al Ghul.

Now that it’s made clear of what might have to be done to stop the League, what can we expect from each member of Team Arrow? What sacrifices will have to be made in order to bring back Oliver? What sort of “destruction” does Ra’s Al Ghul want Al Sah-Him to bring to Starling City? What true purpose will Nyssa marrying Al Sah-Him serve to the League’s mission? And what will Thea become now that she’s donned the hood and bow?

So many questions. So little time! There are only two episodes left of Arrow for this season.

Find out on tomorrow’s heart-racing, all-new episode of Arrow at 8 p.m. on SFL-TV, the CW!