Jared Fogle shown wearing ankle monitor in new video; whistleblower breaks her silence

Posted at 3:25 PM, Sep 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-14 15:25:12-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A new video from Crime Watch Daily shows Jared Fogle apparently wearing an ankle bracelet while under house arrest in Indiana.

Fogle is shown at his parents' home in southern Indiana while he awaits sentencing later this year for child sexual exploitation and child pornography charges.

Matt Doran, host of Crime Watch Daily, knocked on the door to Fogle's parent's house and tried to confront him. Fogle initially goes to open the door, however he walked away from the door after he spotted the cameras.

Adrienne Fogle, Jared's mother, is also shown in the video. She declined to answer questions.

The whistleblower who told authorities of Fogle's illegal activities also spoke out for the first time. The woman told Crime Watch Daily she is frightened to reveal her identity.

The whistleblower and Fogle were "acquaintances" who struck up a "texting friendship."

"I'm glad that I came forward and said something because I feel like I did something any normal person should do," the whistleblower told Doran. "I'm glad that I was able to stop... but I also feel horrible they were being victimized."

The full story will air on Monday's episode of Crime Watch Daily. The show airs weekdays on SFL-TV at 5PM.

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