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Who is Gorilla Grodd? A Look in to the Intelligent & Evil Ape of DC Comics

Posted at 1:34 PM, Sep 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-29 13:34:34-04


Be careful of calling primates less intelligent than us. For there is one primate out there whose brain is incomparable when it comes to smarts. We’re talking about the primate of DC Comics, the evil mastermind known as Gorilla Grodd.

He’s a main villain of the Flash’s and on multiple occasions has attempted to eradicate humanity off the face of the planet! (No less than 18 to be closely accurate)

To put it in scientific terms, Gorilla Grodd is a super-intelligent, telepathic, psychic gorilla who has the power to control the minds of others at his will.

Don’t worry, guys. He wasn’t born this way. He obtained his psychic powers in a strange manner.

He used to be nothing more than an average, mere ape. But after an alien spacecraft crash-landed on his home turf in the continent of Africa, Grodd and his fellow gorilla, Solovar, are granted with the powers of super intelligence, telekinesis and telepathy by the spacecraft’s pilot.

Adopting the pilot as their leader, the two gorillas team up with the alien to create an entirely new civilization of intelligent apes. They succeeded in doing so and named their new home Gorilla City. And they all lived in peace…

Thought that was the end? Think again.

Gorilla City would eventually be discovered by invading explorers and torn down by the human invaders.

Grodd takes control of one of the explorers’ mind and force him to kill the alien leader, thus, leading to Gorilla City to be rebuilt and taken over by Gorilla Grodd.

Grodd became power crazy and started to plan to conquer the world to make his idea of a “perfect” world come to life.

Solovar finds out about his former friend’s evil and diabolical plan and telepathically reaches out to Barry Allen and warns the Flash of the incoming doom that awaits Barry and the rest of humanity.

The Flash then takes the fight to Gorilla Grodd, defeating him in the process and imprisoning him. But the war wouldn’t end there. Grodd would eventually escape his imprisonment and continue his diabolical plan to eliminate all humans and take over the world.

Gorilla Grodd has also interacted with the likes of the Wally West version of the Flash, immortal villain and mastermind Vandal Savage, Superman, Batman, the Pied Piper, Vixen, the Teen Titans and countless other heroes and villains in the DC Comics universe.

Overall, Gorilla Grodd may just be an ape. But he’s an ape that nobody would want to cross paths with.

He’s an intelligent, evil genius and isn’t afraid to use his mind powers to take over someone’s mind and making them do anything he wishes. It’s a fate that most people would like to avoid having.

And he has a score to settle with the Flash after their first encounter in the first season of The Flash.

Will he make his terrifying return to The Flash this coming season?

Only time will tell!

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