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The Flash Tues. 10/13 Preview

Posted at 5:58 PM, Oct 12, 2015
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“My name is Jay Garrick. And your world is in danger!”

Those were the bone-chilling words that ended last week’s Season 2 premiere of The Flash and were spoken by none other than the original Flash of them all, Jay Garrick.

The season premiere started off with Barry Allen, our beloved Flash, six months after the singularity event that took place in Central City, working on his own now. Why the sudden lone-hero attitude, you ask? Well, turns out that, during the singularity, the Flash wasn’t fast enough to fix the time hole that was opened and needed to be heated in order to realign itself. And who better than to heat things up than Firestorm? Professor Stein and Ronnie merged together to form the flamed-hero and used enough power to stop the singularity and bring back balance, but at the cost of Ronnie’s life.

Engulfed and ridden with guilt, Barry decides to work on his own in order to avoid any further harm coming to his family and friends. He pushes away Iris, Joe, Cisco and especially Caitlin for what happened.

So, Barry has gone solo, Cisco now works at CCPD with Joe, Iris is still working as a journalist and Caitlin has gone to work for Mercury Labs.

During the days that go by, Central City is planning on having a Flash Day to commemorate the Scarlet Speedster for his heroism that day of the singularity event and give him the key to the city. Barry, of course, rejects the idea and doesn’t plan on attending.

Iris finds Barry at CC Jitters, the coffee shop where she used to work, and confronts him about his inner demons.

“Central City believes in the Flash. So do I.” says Iris to Barry before leaving the abandoned coffee shop.

After thought and consideration for his fallen ally, Barry ultimately winds up making his appearance as the Flash at the Flash Day parade. But of course, nothing goes according to plan.

During the events of the singularity, a time hole opened and has allowed an intruder into Barry’s world. Welcome the Atom Smasher.

The Atom Smasher is a meta-human who has the ability to absorb radiation at will and grows bigger and stronger as a result.

He crashes the parade and begins to unleash his destructive powers. Cisco tries to save the day by using his latest invention, but we all know how that usually goes. Barry attempts to fight the Atom Smasher, but is defeated after stubbornly refuses help from the team to take down the pumped up villain.

It is only after this defeat that Barry realizes that he can’t do this type of work alone and accepts the help of his friends and family once again.

They come to the conclusion that Atom Smasher stays in areas that are high in radiation. So, if radiation is what he wants, then radiation is what he’ll get.

Barry calls out the Atom Smasher using a “Flash Signal,” (yeah, nice rip-off there, Barry) and leads him to a radiation factory and trapping him inside a cell and turns on the radiation. Overloaded with too much of the stuff, Atom Smasher is defeated and, in his dying breath, reveals that he was sent to kill the Flash by a speedster named Zoom.

Foreshadowing, much?

Well, it seems like whoever this Zoom is is really out to get the Flash if he’s already sending in the big guns after him.

Things only got better from there. Seriously, they did.

Earlier in the episode, Barry was given a USB by Harrison Wells’ lawyer containing a very special video that Dr. Wells made for Barry before their epic showdown at the end of last season. That video went as follows:

“Give the following message to the police: My name is Harrison Wells. Being of sound mind and body, I freely confess to the murder of Nora Allen in her home on the night of March 18th in the year 2000. I attacked Nora in her dining room. I stabbed her with a large butcher knife from the drawer to the left of the sink in the kitchen.” said Dr. Wells.

This was the one thing that Barry needed most to prove his father’s innocence and free him from prison. And it was given to him by the man who committed the heinous act against his family.

Henry Allen is released from prison and is taken back to Joe’s home, where a homecoming party was waiting for him. However, despite being finally released from jail, Henry tells Barry that he has decided to leave Central City so that Barry can focus solely on being the Flash.

It is back at S.T.A.R. Labs when Jay Garrick makes his appearance to the team and reveals to them who he is and why he’s in their world.

What will happen now that the world has TWO Flashes in the same timeline? And who really is this Zoom speedster that is trying to kill Barry?

Find out tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on SFL-TV, the CW!