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The Flash Tues. 10/20 Preview

Posted at 4:06 PM, Oct 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-19 16:06:20-04


It was the dream team debut that Flash fans have been waiting to see ever since the announcement was made. We finally got to witness Barry Allen, the Flash of our time, team up with the original Flash, Jay Garrick.

On top of that, we got a good glimpse of the new bad guy in town, Zoom. And he’s not just any ordinary speedster like the Reverse Flash. This guy, whoever he is, is a demonic speedster.


Just frightening, isn’t he?

At the beginning of the episode, Jay Garrick, after making his dramatic entrance, explains to the team of his origin and where he came from.

On his world, a parallel Earth (Earth-2 reference, anyone?), he was in mid-battle with the demonic speedster and was on the verge of death when the singularity opened up in his world and dragged him through the black hole, bringing him to Earth-1, our world according to Dr. Stein, without his powers. Talk about coincidence.

However, as revealed in the premiere’s episode, Zoom wants to be the fastest man alive and is on the hunt for any speedster other than himself. That includes Barry.

Zoom, using the open time holes that were left after the singularity, brought in another metahuman from Earth-2 named Sand Demon to kill Barry Allen and Jay Garrick.

Meanwhile, back at CCPD, Joe has a new partner that he’s hesitant to work with. Her name’s Patty Spivot and she wants to become part of the Metahuman Task Force. Joe admires her aspiration, but shoots her down due to his past with work partners, for good reason.

Think about it. After your partners have either left you or shot themselves to save humanity, no one would want to have a partner ever again. It’s a brutal life.

After an unsuccessful confrontation with Sand Demon, Barry finds out more about his new enemy from Jay Garrick, who has experience fighting him on Earth-2. His powers are all sand-based. So, if he were to become vulnerable to heat, Barry could defeat him.

Following this fight, Cisco finds a sample of the sand that was left behind the Flash/Sand Demon battle and has a vision of their battle, even though he wasn’t there at all to begin.

This is a HUGE lead up to his becoming the hero, Vibe. Cisco can see through the vibrations of time and have visions of past or present and even other worlds.

However, he wasn’t having much of a good freak out as he was a bad freak out. You’d think that our nerdy, little Cisco would love having superpowers, right?

Later on, Joe and Patty Spivot, well, more so Patty, capture “Sand Demon.” Or, so they think. They actually caught the Earth-1 version of Sand Demon, his human form without powers, and run into the Earth-2 Sand Demon, the bad one. They try to apprehend him, but are unsuccessful and Sand Demon makes his way off with Patty Spivot, taking her hostage.

Jay Garrick decides to train Barry and teach him how to harness the energy he creates from running and turn it into a lightning bolt to strike enemies with.

Cisco, back at the lab, uses his power to tap into the sand particles left from the first fight to find out the location of where Sand Demon has Patty Spivot held hostage.

For Flash fans, that had to have been so cool to watch! Our little Cisco is becoming a superhero!

Barry and Garrick team up to take on Sand Demon despite Garrick not having his super speed.

Garrick, suited up in his leather jacket and helmet and distracting Sand Demon, gives Barry enough time to race around Sand Demon, free Patty Spivot and run around him fast enough to harness his energy and release a lightning blast. This lightning blast turns Sand Demon into glass and shatters him into thousands of molecular pieces!

How cool is that?!

After the fight and saving Patty Spivot, Joe appoints her to be a part of the Metahuman Task Force, after witnessing her spirit and her drive to stop all the villains that they face.

And back at the labs, Cisco confesses to Dr. Stein about his new abilities to see into the vibrations of time and makes him promise not to tell anyone yet about it. After Dr. Stein promises Cicsco not to tell anyone, they stumble upon an interesting discovery.

There are 52 breaches (DC Comics New 52 reference, someone?) on Earth-1 that connect it to Earth-2. That’s how Zoom is able to get all those other metahumans over to Barry’s world to try to get him killed. It’s only a matter of time before Zoom makes his way to Earth-1.

However, during the demonstrating to the team of the newly found breaches, Dr. Stein collapses into a coma.


On the next episode of The Flash, it seems that Snark’s father, Snark Sr., will be making his way to Central City to help out his son with some type of crime. What that crime is, we’ll all see unravel tomorrow night!

The Flash is ALL-NEW tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on SFL-TV, the CW!