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Arrow Wed. 10/21 Preview

Posted at 12:27 PM, Oct 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-20 12:27:52-04


Last week, we saw another attempt to take down Star City by the Ghosts being thwarted by Team Arrow. However, tensions rise when both Diggle and Oliver begin to have conflicts within themselves and the rest of the team.

Diggle feels that their efforts aren’t enough to take down an entire crime organization such as the Ghosts and that new counter measures need to be considered.

Oliver, on the other hand, continues to worry about Thea’s, Speedy, excessive and unusual aggression when fighting criminals. Thea beats down thugs to the point of almost killing them and everyone seems to be confused as to why.

In Star City, Oliver’s mother’s old friend, Jessica Danforth, returns to announce that she is running for mayor. She successfully starts up a campaign and makes a public announcement of her running for office.

However, during her announcement, she is attacked by Damien Darhk’s newly hired assassin, Lonnie Machin.

Most of the DC Comics fanbase knows him as Anarky.

During this invasion on Danforth’s announcement, Machin takes her daughter hostage and isn’t looking for any ransoms.

While trying to locate Machin’s whereabouts, Oliver and Thea go underground and try to look for any witnesses. They find one witness and interrogate him to find out what he knows. He doesn’t give up information easily and Thea’s aggressive side once again reveals itself. She critically injures the witness and leaves Oliver no choice but to show everyone the truth of how Thea really came back to life.

The Lazarus Pit has more effects to the body other than reviving it. It also amplifies aggression and can alter the user’s personality throughout time.

Meanwhile, Darhk scolds Machin for causing more anarchy than required at the campaign announcement and relieves Machin of his duties as his employee.

However, this doesn’t stop the anarchist from carrying out his own dastardly desires and mission. He keeps Danforth’s daughter hostage and has no intention of returning her whatsoever.


After Oliver and the team find out the whereabouts of Machin’s location, the team goes after him and all take a crack at fighting the evil doer. Well, Thea got her chance and she went too far, again.

During the confrontation, she sets Machin on fire, almost killing him in the process.

Fortunately, the team was able to save Danforth’s daughter in the end.

After these events, Machin escapes police custody and makes off with full intention on taking his revenge, Laurel decides to take Thea back to Nanda Parbat to figure out a way from Malcolm Merlyn how to stop Thea’s sudden aggressive side and to revive her late sister, Sara, the original Black Canary.

But, as we’ve seen before, the Lazarus Pit has great cons to go with its pros. So, it’s not even guaranteed that the Sara they put into the Pit will be the same Sara that comes out. Who knows what effects the Pit will have on Sara after reviving her?


Meanwhile, back at Star City, Oliver makes the ultimate decision to fully become a real, inspirational hero. He decides to run for mayor after Danforth steps down.

That’s right, Oliver Queen wants to become the mayor of Star City. Let’s get the hashtag #QueenForMayor going!

In tomorrow night’s episode, we get to witness the revival of Sara Lance, the returns of Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa al Ghul and what appears to be a new metahuman brought upon by Damien Darhk that has the ability to create magic cards at will and use them as weapons!


How will Nyssa feel about her old love being revived? Will Malcolm Merlyn allow Thea and Laurel back into Nanda Parbat without a fight? Or will they need to provide something for Merlyn in return for reviving their fallen family friend?

Also, with this new metahuman on the rise alongside Damien Darhk, can Oliver and Diggle put aside their differences and trust issues in order to take down this new card master? Or will Damien Darhk get the upper hand on the duo once again?

Everything will unravel itself on an ALL-NEW episode of Arrow tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on SFL-TV, the CW!