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The Flash Tues. 11/3 Preview

Posted at 10:29 PM, Nov 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-01 22:29:07-05

So…how many of you all had to change your pants after the end of last week’s episode of The Flash?

This episode laid the Easter Eggs ever so perfectly and, then, BAM! They hit us with a surprise attack by none other than KING SHARK!

And he did it with the nicest message possible: “Zoom wants you dead!”

Well, at least now we know that King Shark is out there in the universe and we can certainly expect to see him quite a few more times this season. When, however, is the question.

We could get into the background of the humanoid shark monster, but that story can be told at another time.

On this past episode of The Flash, the team found a way to temporarily stabilize Dr. Stein after his combustion the week prior. Mind you, it is only temporary and was created to only be temporary until the team can find another suitable partner for the Firestorm matrix.

Remember, in order to create the hero, Firestorm, Dr. Stein must have a match to go along with the particles and radiation inside his body. So, the partner must have the same condition in order to fuse to create Firestorm.

After extensive research, the team identified two potential matches for Dr. Stein: A scientist named Henry Hewitt and former high school football athlete named Jefferson Jackson.

Hewitt excitedly agrees for the experiment without any question. Jackson, not so much.

During the particle accelerator explosion, Jackson had finished playing a football game at his high school and witnessed the explosion occur. In a hurry, he saves a few of the remaining attendants and gets them to safety. However, when he rushed inside the arena and closed the doors, the explosion had reached his location and broke through the doors, striking him and sending Jackson to the wall, injuring him in the process.

Because of his experience and the costs that came with it, he turned down Dr. Stein and Barry’s offer.

Caitlyn brings Hewitt into S.T.A.R. Labs to perform the fusion. However, the attempt fails and Hewitt and Dr. Stein aren’t a perfect match. This leaves Hewitt furious and confused as to why “two great minds” aren’t a match for one another. But what Hewitt doesn’t know is that when he attempted to merge with Dr. Stein, his abilities as Firestorm awoke.

Back at CCPD, Patty Spivot and Barry have an interaction that felt very awkward, yet heart-warming at the same time. Come on, we’ve all had those moments where we talk to the person we have a crush on and we say awkward things.

Joe notices this and reminds Barry of his feelings for Iris and what that really means. However, he didn’t seem too against the idea of Barry and Patty getting together. Maybe this could be a possible romance?

Hewitt, still fuming over his failed attempt at superhero greatness, begins to lose his temper at work and goes on a rampage with his new abilities, causing mass destruction across Central City.

Meanwhile, remember our good, old friend from Earth-2, Dr. Harrison Wells? Remember how he made his way to Earth-1? Well, he’s back and has broken into Mercury Labs and steals an unknown device. The news gets across to Joe and he immediately decides to hide this from Barry, considering his past with Eobard Thawne, also known as the Reverse Flash.

Barry, after hearing the news of Hewitt’s rampage, goes to find Jackson to, once again, try and convince him to do the right thing and help them cure Dr. Stein and merge to form Firestorm.

This time, Jackson agrees to merge with Dr. Stein. They make their way back to S.T.A.R. Labs and successfully fuse Jackson and Dr. Stein together to form the superhero, Firestorm.

Discovering that Hewitt is running literally on an energy source, the team decides to treat Hewitt like a battery. The quicker he uses up his energy, the quicker he will burn himself out and lose his powers.

The plan works as the Flash and the new Firestorm team together to anger Hewitt enough to use up all of his energy and render him defenseless.

Afterwards, during King Shark’s attack, the Flash is saved by none other than Dr. Wells. When Dr. Wells reveals himself to Barry, Barry is left in utter shock at what he sees.

(This is our first CLEAR shot of how Zoom really looks!)

On this next episode of The Flash, we finally get a look into who, or what, Zoom really is and how he came to be. According to Dr. Wells, he created Zoom. How he created him, however, is still a mystery. Perhaps, on Earth-2, they had their own version of the particle accelerator explosion, which, in turn, created Zoom the same way that Barry became the Flash.

The true identity of this demon speedster is upon us! Soon, we will find out the origin of Zoom.

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