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Arrow Wed. 11/4 Preview

Posted at 11:06 PM, Nov 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-02 23:06:46-05

Get ready to introduce another DC Comics legend that will be making his long-awaited Arrow debut!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the illustrious and magical JOHN CONSTANTINE!

But before we get into Constantine’s arrival in Star City, let’s take a look back at last week’s episode of Arrow. It was quite the emotional ride, indeed.

Oliver announces to the team that he has decided to run for mayor of Star City. As enthusiastic as Oliver is to start “making a difference,” the rest of his family doesn’t share his optimism and responds with apprehension, fearing that Oliver could get in serious trouble, considering what’s happened to the past few mayors that decided to take office.

A few days earlier, members of a rouge police officer squad named the Anti-Vigilante Task Force had killed two on-duty police officers. Captain Lance finds out about this homicidal crime and has Oliver look into the situation, knowing he’ll have a higher chance to track down the killers as the Green Arrow.

The team tracks down this rogue squad and attempts to set a trap to capture them. After putting up quite the fight, the corrupt cops, ultimately, escape.

With Sara having been brought back to Star City after being revived after using the Lazarus Pit by her sister, Laurel, Laurel decides to keep her promise to her father, Captain Lance, and tell him the truth about his daughter. She brings him to see the newly revived Sara, who is chained up in the basement of Laurel’s apartment, and is met with disappointment and disgust by Captain Lance. He can’t accept that his daughter was miraculously brought back from the dead and considers her a monster. That what came out of the Pit wasn’t his daughter.


Later on, Felicity introduces to the team the Arrow Cave 2.0! With a little help from Cisco and S.T.A.R. Labs, the team is up to date and better than ever. A new underground base for a new team.

Felicity later discovers that Liza Warner is the person responsible for starting this new coup of rouge police officers. And while the team tracks her whereabouts, Oliver comes up on a horrifying discovery.

Turns out that Captain Lance was so distraught over the return of his daughter, Sara, he called up Damien Darhk and asked for his help on how to handle this situation. Darhk coldly tells him that, as sad as this problem may be, if Lance truly loves his daughter, he’ll put her out of her misery. AKA, shoot her in cold blood.

Oliver sees this conversation happen on security cameras that were set around the city and immediately confronts Captain Lance inside of his own home. The two men get into a heated argument, yelling and screaming at each other about their idea of the “right” thing to do and what makes their morals righteous.

Eventually, Lance leaves and attempts to shoot Sara while she was still chained, but instead drops to his knees and emotionally breaks down once Laurel catches him in the act.

Lance walks back home and is taken hostage by Warner and her gang of corrupt cops. She plans to use Lance to get into the drug disposal warehouse in Star City so they can steal the drugs, get their money and leave the city.

Tracking their movements, the Green Arrow and the team arrive in the warehouse and take down each member of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Warner, however, sneaks around and is able to stab Oliver in the back. (So much for a new suit, right?) Threatening to kill the Green Arrow, Warner is talked out of this by Captain Lance after a great speech about why she became an officer of the law in the first place. She turns herself in to Lance and Oliver is saved by him, as well.

Later, back at Lance’s home, Oliver convinces him to spy on Darhk so they can learn more about his operations along with his H.I.V.E. Having been unable to learn more about Darhk for so long, Oliver and the team finally have the means to get inside Darhk’s operations and take him out from the inside.

Now, with Sara having also escaped from her chains below Laurel’s apartment, this is where Constantine comes in.

With the ability to cure people of their demons and evil spirits, John Constantine has been called upon by the Green Arrow, himself, to save Sara from this destructive path she’s gone on.

Also, now with more inside intel against Damien Darhk thanks to the help of Captain Lance, will this new advantage give the team the tools necessary to take down the evil tyrant?

You saw him in the first season of NBC’s Constantine. And now, he’s making his way to the Arrow universe! Get ready, DC Comics fans! John Constantine has arrived and is looking to make an impact in Star City!

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