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The Flash Tues. 11/10 Preview

Posted at 11:28 PM, Nov 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-08 23:28:27-05


Maybe calling out Zoom isn’t such a good idea.

From our sneak peek at the stills from this week’s episode, it seems like deja vu from last season when Barry first took on the Reverse Flash. From the looks of things, it doesn’t go too well.

On last week’s episode of The Flash, the whole team met Earth-1 Harrison Wells’ doppelganger, Earth-2 Harrison Wells.  Turns out he was responsible for the creation of all the metahumans and Zoom on Earth-2, just like the Wells of Earth-1 was.

Now the only question on our minds is, “Who is Zoom?”

Here are some great photos that reveal more of him and how his look differs him from the Reverse Flash:


Here, we have a great look at Zoom’s whole suit. As you can see, it’s fully black and has sharper features and edges than the Reverse Flash’s suit.  Although the emblem on his suit looks identical to the Reverse Flash’s, it’s still a flipped version of Barry’s lightning bolt.

12187859_950063005086157_6251254063909695892_n  10464243_950063031752821_1916039318979294539_n

The two stills above give us our best look yet at Zoom’s face. Indeed, he looks like a demon speedster. His mouth mold looks to be skin, but at the same time looks to be only a masked mouth. He has human eyes and the side lightning bolts appear to look morphed and more curved than Barry’s or the Reverse Flash’s side bolts, giving Zoom a more distinct and frightening appearance.


Finally, this image gives us a full body look at Zoom. He has sharp, pointy fingers which seem to be holding some sort of object in his hands. Maybe a blade? Knife?

Also, it seems that the abdomen part of Zoom’s suit has a different type of texture, too.

So, overall, we can easily say that Zoom definitely looks MENACING. With an all-black suit, demon-like face, morphed features and distorted voice, we are in for a show. This will be a villain like none of us have ever seen!

The Flash of Earth-1 finally meets Zoom of Earth-2 tomorrow night on an exciting, intense, ALL-NEW episode of The Flash at 8 p.m.