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Super Teacher Of The Week — Ms. Caridad McCormick

Posted at 3:42 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 15:42:50-04

This week’s superhero is Caridad McCormick who teaches dual enrollment English at Braddock Senior High School. And while her coursework prepares her kids for college, the life lessons she imparts prepares them for their futures beyond the classroom.
Ms. McCormick makes such an impact at her school and is so well respected by her peers that the faculty named her their Teacher Of The Year.
In addition to teaching English, Ms. McCormick is the sponsor of the school's gay straight alliance which has grown from 5 students to 120 under her watch. She's also a poet and incorporates poetry to help her students think more creatively!
So give it up for Caridad McCormick, a teacher, a mentor, a poet and our Superhero Of The Week!