Audi mechanic takes customer’s car for high-speed joyride, newlyweds crash rented Ferrari

Posted at 10:00 AM, Apr 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 10:00:28-04

PALO ALTO, CA - Ever taken your car in for service, only to find out you've been taken for a ride?  That's what one California Audi mechanic literally did to one customer's car.

Dashcam video shows it pulling from a Palo Alto Audi dealership garage, then hitting the streets for a high-speed joyride.

At one point, it sounds like the mechanic halts the horsepower to ride the white pony.  Snorting sounds can be heard on the video.

The customer posted the dashcam video online along with his frustration about the incident, saying, "you take your Audi for service and do not expect your vehicle to get abused.....thanks Audi Palo Alto."

Audi says it has taken already action after looking into the matter.  Thankfully, the mechanic didn't crash like these newlyweds in England did to a Ferrari they rented.

Yeah, wedding bells rang, but they'll never forget the sound of a $345,000 dollar sports car smacking into a wall.

No one was hurt, except maybe the groom's pride; and his bank account will feel the pain.  He lost his $7,100 deposit, and will have to pay up another $28,000 in insurance costs. Talk about wedding crashers.