Beyonce releases 6th album, “Lemonade”, fans and celebrities react

Posted at 8:07 AM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 08:07:55-04

HOUSTON, TX- It just got realer than ever in 'Yonce's world.

The "Bey Hive" had been eagerly waiting April 23rd -- that's when she premiered her HBO special "Lemonade".

It left the world shocked.  "Lemonade" is not just the HBO special people thought at first, it's a full-length visual album.

Hold up though, this is not Queen Bee's usual pop style, so don't expect to be adding a bunch of new tunes to your party playlist.

NewsFix spoke to a fan who said "it really got deeper than I thought it would".

Beyonce is exploring a whole new lane in her latest release.  Songs on "Lemonade" tell a much more personal and emotional story.

The pop star opens up about Jay-Z cheating on her and learning to forgive.

'Yonce let it all out on the table. She emphasized her strong stance on police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Of course, she wouldn't be the queen if she didn't talk girl power. At one point she and tennis legend, Serena Williams, are seen tearing it up.

Celebrities are flipping out about the album. They're just as starstruck by the artistic expression and are voicing it all over Twitter.

Fans still got mad love for the queen.

No matter where she takes her music, millions of people continue to support her.

Sometimes it really feels like it's Beyonce's world and we're just livin' in it.