Horneytown gets funky and goes high tech to catch a thief

Posted at 8:12 AM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 08:12:50-04

High Point, NC - The folks in Horneytown are not happy!

Well, let us re-phrase that, they're not happy about one thing.

Somebody keeps stealing this road sign from the sleepy little town.

"Well we get people all the time stopping in, taking pictures of the signs," one local said.

But the Horneytown Road sign is "probably our most stolen road sign," according to Davidson County 911 Director Terry Bailey.

Yeah, about every two months somebody steals that sign.

And you know what happens when someone can't find their way to Horneytown.

Uh, nothing good can come from that.

Of course, Horneytown has a proud tradition. "There's a family used to live here...last name was Horney," one resident shared.

Yeah, and Mr. Horney can't like what's been happening in his town. Well, at least not like having a sign-stealer on the loose.

"We've tried to make it hard by concreting it in, changing the pole design," Bailey admitted.

But nothing has kept that sign safe.

So, now authorities are ready to do something to the Horneytown sign thief.

They have set a trap for the crook by putting a GPS locator on it.

"That's a good idea, man, they're probably gonna get some people with that," one local man predicted.

"They might be able to track 'em now...who's getting these signs," a local firefighter observed.

Yeah, but just in case Horneytown loses another one, "we keep one ready to go just about all the time," Bailey revealed.

Yes, one thing about Horneytown, they're always prepared and up for anything!