Target stands behind gender equality for transgenders in restrooms

Posted at 3:19 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 15:19:22-04

HOUSTON, TX - Well, if equality rights weren`t about restrooms before, they most certainly are now. Target is the latest business feeling backlash after taking a stand.

Some say the superstore missed the bull's-eye completely in a statement they issued last week, saying transgender team members and guests are free to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Concerned parents believe allowing anyone to just walk in and decide which bathroom they want to use that day opens the doors for possible problems. The American Family Association is targeting Target with a massive national boycott. The petition already has over half a million signatures.

The AFA believes Target`s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims. We miss the days of customers simply complaining about high prices!