Man in England believes he got photobombed by an alien– and he has the pictures to prove it

Posted at 1:32 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 13:32:54-04

Oxford, England - A couple returning from vacation on a bus in England had quite a scare after they got home.

That's because this 35-year-old dad, Andy Bagnall, discovered he had been photobombed by some kind of alien!

Well, at least it appears to be something from another planet.

After Bagnall uploaded a snapshot of himself posing next to a motor coach-- that was completely empty, he spotted a creepy face which appears to be inside the bus, just over his shoulder.

After seeing the unidentified creature, Bagnall said, "It really creeped me out!"

Yeah, it caused him to call the bus company, but they had no explanation, either.

Now the whole thing has this guy so terrified, he refuses to ever ride a bus again.

Of course, the bus company has seized an opportunity for a little self-promotion.

The bus company issued a statement saying the "mysterious passenger" was likely taking advantage of their "out of this world" fun-fares.

But for this couple, they're not buying that at all!