Chinese gov’t bans eating bananas online

Posted at 12:27 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 12:27:52-04

BEIJING, CHINA - Are you a diner who likes to play with your food? It seems the Chinese government frowns up that kind of thing, if it gets too racy. The government there is banning people from erotically eating bananas online.

Apparently it's a big thing in China. There are about 670 million people with internet access there, making it the world's biggest online community. Live-streaming is a major money-maker, drawing in 200 million users, and 80% of them are men! So it is no wonder that many of the streamers are women wearing revealing outfits, behaving suggestively and often including bananas.

Viewers will buy virtual gifts for the performers, some of them spending more than 100 dollars a week. Giving gifts is encouraged in Chinese culture. About 40% of the streamers are students who earn extra income every time a viewer buys them a gift.

The Ministry of Culture decided to crackdown on content considered too vulgar, violent or sexual, arresting 34 people for what they deemed pornography.

The Chinese government is known for restricting what Americans consider basic freedoms. Now we'll see if they can actually curtail the type of entertainment the internet is known for.