Drone crashes into condo balcony while filming Florida beachfront

Posted at 12:51 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 12:40:10-04

Marco Island, FL - Talk about crashin' for the night at a condo!

A drone was filming the breathtaking views of Southwest Florida when it suddenly made an unexpected crash landing into this high rise.

Yeah, without warning, the drone just developed a mind of its own and smashed into the 20th floor balcony of this condo...all caught on camera.

A police report showed that the drone operator was registered with the FAA, but he claims he lost control of the drone when the signal somehow went out.

"The operator is 100 percent responsible for that drone while in use," Ryan Frost, director of airport operations at Naples Airport, insisted.

The condo owner that got hit is very upset that their privacy was violated, but police say there's no evidence the drone was intentionally trying to spy on them.

Meantime, other drone operators in the area are afraid that their flying days may be numbered because the crash could lead to stricter regulations.

"It's going to ruin it for the good people, that follow the rules," one drone pilot, Mike Smith, remarked.

Looks like with more and more drones hitting the skies, you can't be too careful with your privacy or your safety right in your own living room.

"I don't want it to happen in my balcony," resident Dan Vass proclaimed. "So....and I guess, well, it's dangerous."

And a drone crash can definitely get ugly. "This one will go about 47 miles an hour, so if that hits somebody at 47 miles an hour it's going to hurt," Smith said.

Yep, even at home, there's no escape from a drone!