Who Scored, Who Sucked…Animal Edition

Posted at 7:41 AM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 07:40:41-04

ANAHEIM, CA - One lucky fan scores a new pet at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim. The score is tied. It’s the bottom of the 4th. Not only are there Cardinals on the field, but also a cat. At least he waited for the purr-fect moment to run across the field.

Tennis star, Serena Williams didn’t feel perfect after she ate dog food while staying at hotel in Italy. Serena though it was a good idea to order a little something different for dinner. Fast forward 2 hours and life really began to suck. The pro got sick as a dog; she still beat Christina McHale the next day.

Some lucky folks in Alaska scored a free concert in their front yard. Only, a moose and a wind chime played this one. Ok so it’s not uptown funk but where else you going to get “moose-ic” like that.

Humpback whale sighting are usually cool. But definitely suck when spotted while wind surfing next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Experts say record number of humpbacks making it into the bay is because the number of anchovies is so high. Hey Cali, order a pizza already.

In Australia however, a pack of false killer whales score, lunch that is. A drone catches a rare sight when a heard goes in pursuit of a shark. When they catch him ”chomp”. Dinner is served.

Finally, “What the frog!” What might suck for some could possiblly help others score. Apparently there’s a three-legged frog also in Australia. The well-endowed toad actually has three legs although it does look like something else. And he’s got to be the cat’s meow with the lady frogs, right?