Can weed help you have a better workout?

Posted at 11:10 AM, May 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 11:09:32-04

HOUSTON -- There`s nothing like that workout high you when pushing your body to the limits. That is, unless, you`re working out, on weed. It`s practically the worst kept secret in sports these days. Just ask Michael Phelps, and good luck in Rio by the way.

If you can believe it, science has been toking with the notion that Mary Jane could actually help you zone into your next exercise sesh. Seriously, apparently bong rips can get you ripped. A recent Men`s Journal study says, hitting the gym is definitely the best time to roll up a doob. Since weed can lift your metabolism, raise the speed of fat loss and, lowers cholesterol.

Stanford Medical School believes ganja can fade out chronic workout anxiety, and instead get you totally blitzed on workout motivation. And what about the fact that some heavy weightlifters use the 'sticky icky' to increase muscle recovery, meaning the more numb you are, the less you hurt and no pain is totally dope?

So, before you get off the couch and take a buzz filled trip to the gym, decide for yourself. The 'grass' may actually be greener on the fitness side.