Cha-ching! Oddball jobs that pay big bucks

Posted at 11:14 AM, May 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 11:13:49-04

Tired of your humdrum 9 to 5 (or 6... or 7... or 8)?  We are, too! That led us to investigate jobs out of the ordinary where you can still "Live Large."

You got a flair for fashion? Don't waste your time designing for full-sized women, miniaturize and make a mint. Designing clothes for Barbie dolls can earn you six figures, according to, a design job wesbite.

Nice work if you can get it, huh?!

Are you the kind of person who likes to stand around and do nothing? (We work with a few of those). You can get paid about 20 bucks an hour to stand in line. Whether it's for concert tickets, the latest iPhone or new Jordans, people will pay you to wait. Robert Samuel runs a line-sitting business in New York. He got paid nearing 800 bucks to wait 38 hours on the iPhone 6.

"We have the patience of Job," Samuel told ABC News. "It's not a problem."

It's a shame it doesn't work with the TSA.

Think you're too cute to type? What about a job as a music video model? And no, you don't have to look like Rihanna to get hired to "wer, wer, wer, wer, wer." It pays $450 a day. Check it out under Music Video Modeling on Craigslist. That San Antonio company specializes in supplying 'unique looks.'

Wanna work underwater? Become a golf ball diver, a person who dives in ponds to retrieve misguided golf balls. Sounds stupid, but Glenn Berger has been doing it in Florida for more than 14 years. And he's made more than 15 million dollars! Of course, there are some drawbacks. "I don't really like to talk about alligators, but they happen," he explained to Caters TV. "You learn how to deal with them."

Another odd job that pays pretty well: professional cow fart smeller. You'll earn $50,000 a year to make sure cows are healthy and eating right. Sniff! Sniff!

Becoming a professional panda hugger won't buy you that mansion you've been dreaming of, but with the $32,000 paycheck, you won't need it. Room and board are included. Sure you have to move to Chengdu, China, but you couldn't ask for better co-workers than the cute little black and white baby bears.

Bottom line-- you don't have to die in that dead end, soul-sucking job you're in. There are options out there.