First baby born in New Jersey with Zika-related defects delivered on Tuesday

Posted at 10:31 AM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 10:31:13-04

HACKENSACK, NJ - Officials confirm the first birth of a baby in New Jersey with Zika-related birth defects.

A 31-year-old woman, who contracted the virus in Honduras, gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday, and doctors diagnosed the newborn with "microcephaly"-- a condition caused by Zika leading to babies being born with only a partially formed brain and head.

Doctors delivered the devastating news to the new mother after delivering the newborn through a C-section.

This is actually the second baby born in the US with Zika-related defects. Back in January, a baby was born with severe microcephaly in Hawaii.

The news of this latest birth has some Jersey residents uneasy about the potential spread of the virus.

"No one should be turned down for anything medically, and especially if you know you can go some place to get help," one resident said. "But at the same time, who else are you infecting while you're getting that?"

"It's very sad because it's only going to lead to more," another woman concluded.

Doctors say the newborn faces an uncertain future because of the Zika-related setbacks, and now the family can only hope and pray the little baby can overcome the challenges ahead.