Moose delivers baby moose in Lowe’s parking lot, while police chase another moose for 45 minutes

Posted at 10:12 AM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 10:12:09-04

ANCHORAGE, AK - You just never know when you could meet a moose on the loose. Up in Alaska, the woods are crawling with 'em, and now so is a Lowe's parking lot.

Yeah, a mama moose got to Lowe's and must have decided, "Let's build something together."

Or at least, "deliver it." Because right there in the parking lot she had a baby moose!

"I've been here 50 years...this is unbelievable in a parking lot," one on-looker remarked.

"I've seen them around the block, and they said the moose was having a baby!" another woman exclaimed.

Well, mom and baby moose became quite a spectacle in the parking lot.

"The moose is just doing it's thing," one little tike decided. "I saw a poop!" another little girl observed.

"I don't know, in a parking lot?" one woman laughed. "I don't know if that's Alaskan. That's kinda crazy!"

Of course, most moose shop at Lowe's because they believe you should "never stop improving."

Yeah, maybe that's where this guy was heading when the long arm-of-the-law spotted him in a neighborhood in Massachusetts.

Yeah, the cops proceeded with a low-speed chase in hot pursuit of the "moose on the loose." , and the chase went on for an astounding 45 minutes!

Eventually, the big guy ducked into some woods and got away.

Well, now we know one thing about a moose that separates them from a goose -- they were definitely "born to run!"