‘Do it for Denmark’ sex campaign proves successful, Denmark having baby boom

Posted at 2:12 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 14:11:10-04

DENMARK -  How do you resolve a stressful day? Sex! Burn some calories after skipping the gym? Sex! Increase the population? You know it, sex!

Denmark was going through a serious dry spell last year, with the birth rate at a 27-year low.

There just aren't enough people to support the aging population, so the Danes knew it was time to do the deed.

Along came Spies Travel, with aptly the named ad, "Do it for Denmark!"

The ad says, 10% of Danish babies are conceived while mom and dad are on "vacay", because well, they get their beds rockin' about 46% more while "on holiday."

The ad, which has over 9 million views, must be working like a charm!

According the "Danmark's Statistic" , the official National Statistics Bureau, the country's expecting a baby boom this summer, with 14% more births than last year.

Spies Travel even offered an "ovulation discount". If parents proved holiday conception success, they'd win three years of free baby products . . . and a family friendly vacation!

Looks like this ad really helped with the baby makin'!