Denver Airport turns to dogs to calm down agitated passengers

Posted at 2:11 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 14:07:49-04

DENVER, CO - With all the flack TSA has been getting lately, is there any place more stressful than the airport?

Yeah, everybody there needs to take a chill-pill...or find a dog. In Denver, dogs are being used to take the stress out of being at the airport!

Whenever a stressed-out passenger is spotted, that's when the squad gets called in.

"Hi, do you want to say 'hi' to the doggie?" a therapy worker asks a little two-year-old in the terminal.

"It really is funny," one man said as he pet a pooch near his gate. "It just relaxes you."

"A dog can have that much of an impact on a person's well-being and ability to get through a tough situation," Denver International Airport's Volunteer Programs Manager Lisa Dittberner reflected.

Yeah, the squad is actually called "Canine Airport Therapy Squad," or 'CATS' for short.

That's right...dogs called 'CATS' are brought in to save the day.

Hey, since the program started last October there have been zero complaints!

"It really does reduce your stress," another air traveler observed. "Just petting the dog and it`s soothing nature makes you feel at ease."

"Dogs always make your blood pressure go down," another lady added.

Okay, cats...I mean, furry friends, keep stamping out stress!