Richard Simmons secretly living as a woman? Caitlyn Jenner celebrates 40 years of Olympic Gold (sort of)

Posted at 1:14 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 13:09:17-04

LOS ANGELES, CA - Remember a few months ago, when accusations surfaced that Richard Simmons was being held captive in his Hollywood mansion?

Well, those rumors  were put to bed.

But now there's a new bombshell -- that he's actually been living as a woman named 'Fiona.'

Yeah, turns out the National Enquirer made Simmons their cover boy... er, cover girl...complete with pics and an article that says Simmons has undergone breast enhancement surgery and hormone therapy.

That rumor could really explain a lot, including perhaps why Simmons was admitted to an LA hospital last week.

But the fitness legend posted on Facebook that he feels great now after being treated in the hospital for "dehydration"....and that he just "needed some fluids."

And a Simmons rep denied all the "woman" rumors pointing out that the fitness guru occasionally dresses in drag to "have a fab Friday!"

Meantime, one 'guy gone girl' who's shouting it from the rooftops is Caitlyn Jenner who recently marked the anniversary of her coming out party with a Vanity Fair cover last summer!

But Jenner is also recalling another big anniversary this month.

Forty years ago "Bruce Jenner" made history with Olympic gold and made the cover of "Sports Illustrated."

"And I'm very proud of those times," Jenner told SI. "It's part of my life. It made me who I am."

Some consider Jenner's one of the greatest athletic performances of all time in the Olympic Decathlon.

Now Jenner gets to inspire a whole new crop of athletes and bring a whole new meaning to 'Going for the Gold!'