Researchers ‘uncover’ that men are more willing to have unprotected sex with attractive women

Posted at 10:19 AM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 10:18:12-04

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - Ladies, want to know if your man thinks you're hot?

Well, British researchers say if your guy refuses to "cover" his bases in the bedroom, then that means he really has the hots for you!

Yeah, researchers tested men from age 19 to 61 to find out if they were more or less likely to wear a condom with a woman they found extremely hot.

Turns out, the hotter the babe-- the more likely men are to ditch the 'Trojan' and roll the dice.

According to the study published in the "British Medical Journal Open," even when they think having casual sex with an attractive woman may be extra risky for an STD, men are still willing to go full-throttle and forget "safe sex."

So the study says "men are more willing to have condom-less sex with attractive women" ...even when a hottie may have an STD.

And researchers concluded that less attractive women are basically "condom magnets!"

Yep, they say the less desirable a man finds a woman, the more willing he is to have "protected" sex with her.

So, next time you enter the bedroom with your beau, now you can have a very "hot" conversation... about condoms!