Do standing desks increase productivity?

Posted at 12:39 PM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 12:38:34-04

HOUSTON - So your butt is glued to a chair all day at work sometimes for six even seven hours a day. But would you be a little more active if you were standing up instead?

"Put it on top of your existing desk and in three seconds you're standing throughout the day, " said Jason McCann, CEO of VERIDESK.

VERIDESK helps you work while standing but can this modern-workspace make you more productive  throughout the day?

"The key is to sit and stand throughout the day, to be active throughout the day, not to stand all day, and it's not to sit all day, what you want to do is be active, to sit and stand throughout the day," said McCann.

Being active is right. Long periods of inactivity are linked with increased risks for diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

A new study suggests that standing desks could boost productivity by almost 50 percent.

"Once people get used to it and they start to feel better and feel the benefits of it, it really does help them a lot," said McCann.

But does standing all day really help?

Additional research in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health concluded that someone who stood up while working instead of sitting would only burn about eight or nine extra calories an hour. A full day of standing doesn't help all that much when it comes to burning calories.