The sun can make Multiple Sclerosis patients more sick

Posted at 3:54 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 15:53:48-04

HOUSTON, TX - Man, it`s freaking hot out there. Good thing here in the south we know the cool tricks of the trade. Drink lots of H20, crank up the air conditioning and duck for cover under the closest shade tree.

But for Multiple Sclerosis suffers, beating the heat isn`t quite so easy. Kimberly Dyniewski was diagnosed with MS at the age of 19. She says, “I get tired and you do start having those mobility issues because it's like a chain reaction. You get tired and certain things start to go down.”

Like most MS patients, the heat means her already serious symptoms could get even worse. Multiple Sclerosis Institute of Texas, Dr. Annette M. Howard says, “People who have MS. They know what to do, and that is to try and be careful as possible and if you symptoms don`t go away that when you reach out to a doctor and say what else can i do because I think my MS is acting up right now.”

So, let`s all just cool down together. Escape the blistering summer sun and remember, for MS patients it`s not just about comfort, it`s also about their health.