iPhone 7 ditches headphone jacks, leaves many users disgruntled

Posted at 10:32 AM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 10:31:41-04

HOUSTON — Many iPhone users may be taking a preemptive strike against Apple after the iconic tech manufacturer decided to ditch head phone jacks on its latest cellphone.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is being pulverized with complaints ranging from the cost to inconvenience. It's a bit annoying, but the new devices include an adapter that plugs into the phone's charger and allows you to use your old headphones. If you lose that adapter, it's available from Apple online for $9.

The phone is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones and also comes with a pair of white earbuds or EarPods, which won't have you jamming to the heaviest basses but it works. The company has its little innovative fingers crossed in hopes you'll breakdown and invest in a pair of AirPods, which go on sale in October for $159.

“The ear buds are ridiculously expensive, and I feel like people are just going to lose them," consumer Brenda Madrigal said.

In true Apple fashion, the company is already boasting about having 'the courage to move on' from auxiliary ports and how the decision will 'better us all.'

“It's kinda upsetting because I use my auxiliary cable in my car," another Houston customer said.

Does a new phone mean you'll need a new car? Wait, not so fast!

"I honestly think it's a good thing for apple, but bad for everyone else," Nick Flores said.

Of course, another new feature Apple is excited to announce about the phone are its two new jazzy shades of... cue the drumroll!