Dear 2016, can’t you just end already?

Posted at 11:21 AM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-27 11:20:33-05

HOUSTON, TX – Hey, you got a second? Well, apparently the year 2016 has an extra one to spare.  According to National Geographic, the Earth’s rotation is going to last an extra second longer than our human clocks will tick.

Really 2016 . . .  won’t you just end already?! It is only fitting such a strange year would hit us with a “leap second.”

Since we have an extra second, here is a wrap up of the unexpected horror known as 2016.

WARNING: It is not pretty.

First, does Harambe drama not seem like ages ago?

Then, the music world is hurting after losing legends like David Bowie and Prince.

And here’s to hoping  creepy clowns are never ever trending again.

Seriously 2016, what the hell happened in politics? The U.S. presidential election and Brexit were just plain confusing.

On a heavier note, let us not forget about gun violence in this country. The list of police-related shootings, retribution shootings and shootings like the Pulse Nightclub massacre are all truly concerning.

Plus, the rise of ISIS attacks are keeping the world on its toes.

But no matter how terrible 2016 may have seemed, no one truly is having it as bad as those in Aleppo, Syria. So, wherever you are celebrating the holidays, say a prayer for those in suffering.

It is no question why everyone wants to peace out on this year.

So, on New Year’s Eve before your start your 11-second countdown, please wish for a better 2017. The world could use it!