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Will the Legends break time itself in the Season 2 Finale?

Posted at 9:46 AM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 09:46:18-04

Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!


Whereas Flash never went full Flashpoint, the Legends of Tomorrow commits! Doomworld is here! And the Legion of Doom has won! Reality has been remade! We even get the creation of the classic Superfriends cartoon’s Legion of Doom headquarters.


Eobard Thawne the Reverse Flash against the wishes of Malcolm Merlin who wanted them destroyed made our Legends his playthings in the new Doomworld. Including this interesting turn with Amaya and Sara as murderous henchwomen to Mayor Damien Darkh. In this Doomworld reality Mayor Darkh has managed to kill off a Flash, all of Star City’s heroes and in the opening scene a masked Felicity Smoak!


So who can save us? Is it the conspiracy theorist? The janitor? The baker?

Yes that’s Rip trapped in a the waverider making cakes with subtle references to his run on Dr Who. Our Rip is unable to reach the legends probably because he and the waverider have been shrunken down as desk ornaments… that means a tiny, tiny waverider and …. Tiny Rip!


With everything seemingly going the Legions way, our traitor Mick Rory Heatwave is bored. No theft is a struggle, cops lay down their arms, no heroes… no challenge…


It’s not until Dr Nate pops up as a reality conspiracy theorist that Mick sees an out. And in this moment when Snart is about to ice Nate, Mick stands up and saves him. The one by one our Legends regain their memory thanks to a device Ray the janitor unknowingly created.


Now reunited our Legends mount an assault on Thawne who’s still in possession of the Spear. Since he can’t be trusted by the Legends, Mick returns to Snart, Darhk and Merlin where he spoils the Legends plans. Darkh and Merlyn already wanting to wrest their freedom and the spear from Thawne see it as an opportunity for themselves so  they join in the attack


Big spoilers ahead fans… turn away now!


During the final battle the Spear falls in the hand of Mick! In his redemption moment Mick gives the spear to Amaya but before she can use it Captain Cold freezes Amaya and shatters her into pieces. Is this the end of Amaya? Quick! Someone grab the spear!


Unfortunately, that someone is Thawne who then destroys the spear in a reactor built by still Doomworld manipulated Dr stein sealing the fate of Amaya and the Legends of Tomorrow.


Is all hope lost? Up next is the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow in what’s become my favorite show. You heard that right! Shhh – don’t tell the other shows but Legends grew to be my favorite this season.


White Canary, the Atom, Steel, Jax and Stein as Firestorm, Rip Hunter and Heatwave… Can the Legends of tomorrow to save Vixen? Will they break time itself to do so?  It’s our season finale of Legends of Tomorrow… “Aruba!”