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Supergirl: A bounty on Supergirl, Mon-El’s imprisonment and President Lynda Carter’s shapeshifter confirmation (S02:E17)

Posted at 1:20 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 13:20:44-04

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

A bounty on Supergirl, two nods to the Legion of Super-Heroes and holy wow! that ending to Distant Son… do we have a new season big bad?

After the capture of laser eye patched alien (that’s his credited name), the DEO discovers a communications device broadcasting a bounty on Supergirl. The only obvious answer is the daxamite ship of papa and mama Mon-El still hovering in Earth’s orbit, so Mon-El invites them to the Alien bar to confront them. Lar-Gand, Mon-El’s dad, denies involvement while Rhea doesn’t answer that one because spoilers… she’s the one who placed the bounty!

After a tumble between Supergirl, the Guardian and mind controlled Mon-El, it’s up to the Martian Manhunter to use a little Green Martian mind force to get different bounty hunter to reveal it is, in fact, Rhea who placed the bounty.

So, Kara and Mon-El arrange a meeting at the fortress of solitude with Rhea.

We get our first nod to the Legion of Super-Heroes in what appears to be a Legion flight ring! Remember, Mon-El is mostly known for his appearance with the characters of the 31st century, the Legion of Super-Heroes. These Legion rings allow the non-flight powered Legionaries to fly and provided them with a means of communication over distances.

The meeting doesn’t go so well and Rhea pulls out some kryptonite screwers stabbing Kara. Ultimately, Mon-El leaves with Rhea to save Kara. Once aboard the ship Rhea imprisons Mon-El for their journey home.

Kara and crew mount a rescue mission using the alien gate from the episode, “Supergirl Lives”, to board the ship.

I’m betting this STARgate will continue to be used as a device to move our characters around in space. With a little Martian Manhunter shape-shifting deception, a battle ensues between papa and mama Mon-El, Jonns and Supergirl. Thankfully, Lar-Gand has had enough and permits Mon-El to stay with his new Earth family.

Once our crew leaves, Rhea, rather calmly tells Lar-Gand about her disappointment, stabs and kills Lar-Gand!

Now we have a new Big Bad? With Lillian and Cadmus seeming to be out of the picture, does Rhea step in as the villain? Maybe the producers were concerned about whether the show would get a full season because of its jump from CBS to CW, but no clear villainous theme has emerged for the length of this season unlike the other CW Super shows.

I almost forgot our second nod to the Legion of Super-Heroes is … President Lynda Carter!

We were teased she was alien at the beginning of the season, now we get confirmation she’s a shapeshifter. Jonn is a shapeshifter, but what other race in the DC Universe is? Could she be a durlan? Yep! Even more so, Lynda Carter confirmed it herself on Twitter.

The most famous durlan in all of the DCU is Reep Daggle, the Chameleon Boy who’s shapeshifting abilities he lent to the Legion of Super-Heroes fighting alongside Mon-El!

Our new trailer teases new villains with a glimpse at Durlan Lynda Carter, Rhea and Lena’s Ex a modern DC villain named Jack Sphere. Even more interesting… Darren Criss AKA the Music Meister is listed in the credits.

Plus Kara dons on her reporters glasses in the next new Supergirl, “Ace Reporter!”