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The Flash: Abra Kadabra, Killer Frost, and possible season 4 villains (S03 E018)

Posted at 1:36 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 13:36:22-04

Hey Flash Flans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Our latest Flash episode Abra Kadabra introduces classic Flash villain Abra Kadabra. Abra is another time travel villain from the future, this time from the 64th century to be specific where technology and nanotechology can appear like magic. We get great opening sequence where Abra teleports and traps two security guards in a tank then magically the tank fills with water.

This episode also give us the return of Gypsy who on the hunt for Abra for crimes he committed on Earth 19 including the death of her partner!

One captured, Abra offers Team Flash the identity Savitar in exchange for his freedom so he won’t be extradited to Earth 19th for his crimes. And Joe West takes the bait.

In the ensuing battle, Caitlyn is mortally wounded. So Caitlyn directs Julien through her own surgery. I nearly passed out but not from pain but implausibility. Seriously bad.

Ultimately Abra is recaptured and off to Earth 19 for his crimes without ever revealing Savitar’s identity.

Which brings me to this week’s Flashpoints

Time Time Time

We discover that Abra is stealing technology not unlike Eobard Thawne did in season one so he can return to the future. But we never find out why he’s stuck in our time or how he can transport to other dimensions like Earth 19. He does however name drop another villain’s last name – Devoe specifically Clifford Devoe the Thinker! Are the producers setting up a Season Four villain? The thinker certainly would be a nice departure from speedster villains.

Cold Cold Villainy

At our end of episode, Caitlyn seizures and dies and in a last attempt to save her Julien removes the device keeping her from becoming Killer Frost. The show keeps pulling Caitlyn back into the Killer Frost persona but we’ve never gotten a real explanation why it makes her evil. It does however look like the Flash Squadron will be dealing with Killer Caitlyn a little while longer. The rumored return Ronnie Raymond might help bring this to a resolution

HR’ing it

Where was HR this episode? He was mysteriously absent until the end when reappears and tells them he was on a romantic endeavor. We know he has the facial disguise device. But he’s probably not Abra Kadabra, I mean HR’s history with Earth 19 and Gypsy would eliminate this possibility. And Harrison Wells as a villain disguised would just be a rehash of season one. Plus we saw HR in the future with a sniper rifle trained on Savitar. Is this HR mystery leading somewhere?

Next up taking a tip from all the time traveling villains, Barry travels to the future to learn Savitar secrets himself and finds…. Himself! And he’s kinda emo.

It’s an all new Barry and an all Flash, in the next episode… The Once and Future Flash!