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Arrow: A broken Oliver, an alliance w/ Helix, and a new mob probelm (S04:E15)

Posted at 9:42 AM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 09:42:04-04

Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

A broken Oliver enlists the help of Anatoly and the Bratva to kill Adrian Chase/Prometheus. But Anatoly demands a payment in the form of two medical drugs that when combined form an addictive street opioid.

But a disbanded Team Arrow isn’t going to let that happen and takes the Bratva head on. The ensuing battle, ultimately puts Adrian Chase under federal protection for his safety making it even harder to get to him.

Meanwhile Felicity has turned to Helix to expose Chase’s identity to the public. And Alena offers up a video of Prometheus unmasking as Chase. Who else thinks this alliance with Helix is a bad idea? Especially after Alena ID’s Curtis as Mr Terrific and reveals she knows of Overwatch to Felicity. Duh? Felicity was really gullible if she didn’t think Alena and Helix knew all of her private information.

And after several soft-spoken, hushed toned scenes in which Diggle tries to talk some sense into Oliver, Diggle finally raises the volume and convinces Oliver just what a bad idea it was to disband the team and use Bratva. But taking down the Bratva in Star City is not without consequences as Anatoly vows revenge for breaking the deal. And just like that we have a new mob problem, a Russian mob problem probably for next season

Once exposed as Prometheus at the end of episode, Chase becomes enemy number one once again and escapes his federal protection officers in a bloody escape scene. This calm, bloodied Chase humming a tune in his getaway car only proves to us how unhinged Chase is. So good!

With only a few episodes left I kinda wish this had been the midseason finale because this Prometheus has nothing to lose.

Thus we’re getting close the end of the season as big plots are being taken head on with a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase and all of Felicity’s work for Helix comes to a dark deal.

It’s the next new Arrow… Dangerous Liaisons!