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Riverdale: 5 great plot points as mystery grows for Homecoming! (S01:E10)

Posted at 11:10 AM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 11:09:49-04

Hello Riverdale Class of 2017! It’s Richard at Zeus Comics!

So I was not expecting to love this episode as much as I did! A surprise party turned kegger, admission of the aptly named Dark Betty, the suggested Cherlyn and Jason twincest, Jughead’s burger cake and a cheerleader dance off between Cheryl and Veronica – Cheronica!

You know what all those things have in common? Riverdale High School! With only 3 episodes left we didn’t get any closer the Jason Blossom mystery but we did eschew a lot of the parental town drama and focus on the Riverdale teens themselves. Greatness!

So quick recap on the parents… The Blossom family has been making secret payments to the Lodge’s for nearly 75 years and those payments stopped right around the time Hiram Lodge was arrested.

In a scene with Jughead’s dad FP, it’s revealed that Betty’s mom Alice was once a southside serpent.

And Molly Ringwald! Yep that’s famous 80s ginger teenager Molly Ringwald from the Breakfast Club and 16 Candles guest-starring as Archie’s mom! And she’s in town to finalize the divorce from Archie’s Dad Fred.

So now back to the Riverdale teens…. Oo em gee… archie and veronica totally did it…

Wait wait let me go back when betty decides to throw a surprise birthday party at Archie’s house for brooding, introverted boyfriend Jughead (bad idea), Cheryl and Chuck up to mischief crash the party with kegs and a large crew of kids from Riverdale High.

And Jughead’s dad FP shows up to the high schoolers kegger because that’s not creepy at all.

The decent into drunkenness brings out all sort of emotions like jughead lashing out at Betty and Archie and Veronica commiserating about their parents: Archie’s parents impending divorce and Veronica’s imprisoned criminal dad.

Then Cheryl and Chuck set up some type of Truth or Dare game that didn’t make any sense because it was just kids being nasty to each other; Like Cheryl revealing the Lodge land purchase that closed the Starlight Drive-in; Chuck exposing Betty’s Dark Betty stunt; Dilton revealing the Teacher/student affair between Grundy/Archie; Oh and Veronica calling Cheryl out for probably twincest with Jason and jealousy over Polly… Daaaaang!

The culmination of all of this is Jughead punching Chuck to defend Betty, FP shutting down the party and the Veronica/Archie sleep over!

How will this new Archie/Veronica relationship play into the new episode? because up next it’s Homecoming! And Cheryl and Polly are going!… Maybe if new revelations don’t derail them

Plus what’s up with all those what I assume are Clifford Blossom wigs in the preview? More mystery unfolds in the next Riverdale To Riverdale and Back!