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Supergirl: Jack Spheer is nanocrazy, Kara gets her job back, and is Queen Bee coming to Supergirl!? (S02:E18)

Posted at 11:51 AM, May 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-01 11:32:43-04

Hello my Supergirl, Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Our trailer for Ace Reporter promised “new villains” with quick snippets of Mon El’s mom Rhea and President Durlan Linda Carter. Plus a glimpse at this week’s villain Jack Spheer.

But Sphere is the only new one in the episode… or was he!

It’s a possibility that has me buzzing!

When Lena Luther’s ex bf and business partner, Jack Spheer comes to town promoting his new advancements with nanotechnology, Lena leans on Kara for support.

Under the guise of her former career as “ace reporter” Kara attends the Biomax nanotech demonstration at Spheer’s company Spheerical Industries.

But in a “it’s too good to be true” nanotech miracle Kara uncovers a deadly secret.

There were no human trials for Biomax. Instead Lena’s ex Jack experimented on himself, and ultimately transformed himself into a nanotech swamp capable of disincorporating and reincorporating to go after his enemies to keep Biomax and Spheerical Industries secrets.

Our end of episode battle reveals that Jack Spheer is no longer human or even in control of himself!

He’s being controlled by the CFO of Spherical, Beth Breen, who’s desperate to keep Spheerical going or suffer financial ruin.

Did you catch that this might be another DC villain?

Beth Breen’s ability to remotely control a swarm of bee like nanotech is very similar to classic DC villain Queen Bee! I know we’ve got the Bug Eyed Bandit Brie Larvan running around in Arrow, but Supergirl is a different universe.

Hey Supergirl producers! More Buh buh Beth Breen Queen Bee! Bzzzzz.

Ace reporter Kara also got the attention of Snapper Carr this episode. And with shared story in Catco Mag about Beth and Spheerical, Snapper gives Kara her old job back.

Our next episode puts the spotlight on Alex, who’s been kidnapped by a criminal wanting an exchange – Alex for the unknown criminal’s dad who’s in prison.

And did our unknown villain in the promo call Kara’s cell phone and address her as Supergirl?

Plus Rhea and Lena team-up? It’s the newest Supergirl… Alex!