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Riverdale: Elaborate dinners, a killer on the loose, and one episode left to figure it all out (S01:E10)

Posted at 9:38 AM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 09:38:27-04

Hello Riverdale Class of 2017! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

This episode should have been titled “’why I’m weird, a weirdo’ by Jughead Jones.” Seriously boy could not catch a break no wonder he kept to himself for so long. His girlfriend’s mom sets up a dinner date that was an elaborate ruse, his best friends break into his dad’s house, and his hopes of reconciliation with his dad, mom and sister are dashed when his dad is arrested for murder…

Oh and he woke to being an internet meme…

Clip of hat/weird. Cut of characters in hats. Cut to richard with hat on. Silently takes hat off.

Our episode kicks off the Betty’s mom Alice trying to enlist the aid of Betty and Veronica to do some snooping on her prime suspect in Jason’s murder Jughead’s Dad FP. But Betty rightly shuts her down.

Veronica however still questioning whether her dad Hiram hired FP to kill Jason goes behind Betty’s back and agrees to help Alice. Veronica then turns to Archie for help in the quest. Archie initially declines but after Jughead shares his Dad’s earnest interest in Jughead’s reporting on Jason’s death, Archie decides to help Veronica by breaking into FP’s trailer.

For her part Alice creates an elaborate dinner ruse to get FP and Jughead away from the trailer. And once again Riverdale gives us a hot and heated dinner conversation especially after a surprise visit from Alice’s husband Hal. Anytime you see a dinner planned on Riverdale expect the worst. I mean dark, delicious dish.

Oh and for some reason Prom and an all year High School reunion are on the same night but whatevs… it puts all the suspects in one room except Polly who’s been drugged by momma Blossom for creeping around the Blossom house. Because drugging a pregnant teen is kinda normal for the Riverdale… And does pregnant Polly even go to school?

Those wigs from the last episode tease didn’t pan out except to suggest Clifford Blossom was hiding something… like Polly’s engagement ring. The Blossom’s however spin a yarn about Jason throwing the ring back them in anger prior to his death.

Speaking of death I have a new suspect. Shortly after Veronica and Archie leave FP’s and head to the prom to perform an awesome cover of Kids in America… sheriff Keller on a tip searches FP’s and discover a box containing a murder weapon… something that wasn’t there when archie and Veronica searched FPs.

So right as news hits the prom about FPs arrest – Kevin is giving a Joaquin an intimate heart to heart about Joaquin being the first date he’s taken to the dance. Almost suggesting it’s too good to be true… And as the commotion begins the camera stays on joaquin and we see him walk the opposite direction.

Is it Joaquin? He’s certainly inserted himself into every possible place to keep an eye on everyone as FP confidant, Kevin Keller, sheriff Keller son’s boyfriend and the high school kids. He’s also the only seemingly normal character on the show.

Plus I don’t think Riverdale would take out any of their star characters like Betty or Cheryl or even any of the parental units who have their own drama to bring into next season. Now I’m not saying someone didn’t pay Joaquin to kill Jason… And as much as Jason was getting around town I’m not excluding a Jason/Joaquin romance as a possible motive.

In any case our new episode trailer gets the Riverdale gang back together on a quest to clear FP’s name. And are they watching Jason’s murder while gathered about a laptop?

Two episodes remain as we get closer to solving the crime – It’s a new Riverdale “Anatomy of a murder!”