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Supergirl: Silver Age Comics villain returns as National City coming under alien attack (S02:E19)

Posted at 11:00 AM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 10:59:56-04

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

We kick off our episode with Supergirl muscling her way through a hostage situation that Maggie had seemingly had under control. This pits Maggie and Supergirl at odds. And after tense dinner conversation, Supergirl storms out which wasn’t very “Super” like.

So Alex goes after her, leaving Maggie back at her own apartment. And it’s not until next morning that that both Supergirl and Maggie realize Alex is missing. I don’t know about you but my husband has me lowjacked. These two are terrible sister/girlfriends.

Kara then get an anonymous phone call revealing that the kidnapper, in addition to having Alex, also knows Kara is Supergirl. The kidnapper wants an exchange: Alex for an imprisoned criminal, Peter Thompson.

A little investigative work on Winn’s part and the villain is revealed as Rick Malverne from Midvale High! Did you know this is actually a Silver Age comics character? In the comics he went to high school with young Supergirl and was a constant thorn in her side. Cool to see this brought back.

He’s captured pretty quickly and the interrogation unfolds just at the episode began with Maggie trying to negotiate and Supergirl using threats and brute force. Kara SMASH!

Meanwhile, things aren’t going so great for Alex who’s trapped in a sealed cell. It’s all very inspired by the movie “Saw” from Malverne’s voice on the phone call to his voice in Alex’ cell and the traps he’s created. Alex cuts out her tracking implant in an attempt to contact the DEO and it almost works but after Kara goes trampling around looking for her it triggers a shorter countdown and Alex’ cell begins to fill with water.

A last minute plea to Malverne’s dad gets Malverne to reveal Alex’s location, and it’s Maggie and Supergirl to the rescue. It was really odd in the scene with Dad that Maggie’s and Supergirl’s techniques switched. You’d think it would be Kara learning from Maggie but Maggie fell backwards using Kara’s style to bust into Malverne’s dad cell.

Oh and in our sub plot Rhea seeks an alliance with Lena! She wants her help in building a teleportation gate. Didn’t the design look just like the one the DEO has? Surely she realized that’s what they used to board the daxamite ship in an earlier episode? So it the device something else?

Lena first rejects Rhea when she discovers Rhea is an alien. Something flips in Lena however as she ultimately aligns with Rhea. Must admit I thought Rhea’s obsession over her son Mon-El was apparent to Lena and maybe a little to alike with Lena’s mom Lillian’s obsession over Lex Luthor.

All which reminds me Lena still has some serious issues.

Our next episode gives a National City under attack by alien telekinetic… but is she under the direction of Rhea?

Let’s find out in the next new Supergirl “City of Lost Children!”