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The Flash: Savitar’s identity is exposed! – Spoiler Alert – (S03:E20)

Posted at 11:52 AM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 11:52:11-04

Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s the Savitar reveal! And I called it! But really it wasn’t a very big suspect list… Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “I know who you are”

The Flash Squad is on a mission to secure physicist Tracy Brand who develops a future prison to trap Savitar – operative word is “future” because Tracy hasn’t developed it yet. In fact, this Tracy is so junior she’s even thinking about quitting school because she’s just failed her dissertation. Our Flash Squad catches up with her in the school’s lab right as Killer Frost arrives!

For fear of hurting her with his powers, Cisco… freezes. But Flash it’s to the rescue!

A little later HR catches up with Tracy at Jitters and their chemistry is hot! That is until Killer Frost arrives – and then in what may be my favorite super-hero action on tv ever Killer Frost creates the ice sled she uses to travel around in the comics. So amazing to see this effect come to life! That’s the first thing I would do with ice powers!

Seeing no other choice the Flash Squad reveals Tracy’s future to her. I can’t get over how fast and loose the Flash Squad plays with time and as you might expect this knowledge drives Tracy away. But it’s up to HR in a private moment with Tracy that convinces her to come along… One of the prophecies is “One will die” Could Tracy replace Caitlyn on the team in event of a Killer Frost death?

Unable to get Tracy, Killer Caitlyn goes to the West household and kidnaps Cecile! Joe was already pushing Cecile’s “I love you” advances away this episode even going so far as trying to break up with her to keep her safe from the dangers of being a part of the Flash Squad.

It’s in the final battle where the cecil/tracy exchange is supposed to occur that Killer Caitlyn ices

Barry then Cisco gets one up on Killer Caitlyn knocking her cold! Savitar jumps in however speeds Killer Frost off. But Barry gets his “Aha moment” on Savitar’s identity largely because Caityln knew every move, even every word they were going to say. (except maybe that part where cisco was going to knock her out… plot hole)

At the end of our episode Barry confronts Savitar – “I know who you are!” Aaaaand it’s Barry! Well some version of a scarred future evil Barry!

And in our teaser with the Flash Squadron now in full knowledge, it’s up to Cisco who attempts wipe Barry’s memories in hope it will affect the out come.

And what does the Flash Squad think about Savitar being Barry? Seems like a big betrayal even if it’s a future one. It’s the next new Flash “Cause and Effect”