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Arrow: Olicity finally coming together and Criminals are set free (S04:E16)

Posted at 9:35 AM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 09:35:31-04

Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Last week Prometheus set off an EMP trapping Oliver and Felicity in the Arrow Cave. It also disabled the spinal implant leaving Felicity paralyzed. So which side of the Olicity camp do you fall on? Do you want to see them together? Or do you like them better apart?

For the next hour of Underneath going back and forth with them as they work together to get out Arrowcave plus a flashback to eleven months earlier with some pretty serious salmon ladder action, it’s as flirty and dirty as it sounds.

While Felicity and Oliver break their way out, the rest of Team Arrow: Dinah, Diggle, Curtis and Renee aided by Lyla are trying to break in to rescue them. A blow torch attempt by Renee ignites a methane leak exposing the deadly danger of breaking in.

With Curtis’ drone like T-Spheres trapped inside the bunker, Lyla shows up with a T-sphere that Argus had created. Stolen tech. This is not helping situation between Lyla and Diggle. While Lyla seems earnest, Diggle wasn’t happy about ARGUS sneaky over reach into their operation. But Lyla laid it out when she confronted Diggle about his own vigilantism, About time!

So with the new acquired T-Sphere they use it to bust through a wall… Weren’t we just talking about methane and the powder keg above? Might be kinda dangerous to send that all explody through a wall – just sayin’.

From there it’s an air-shaft rescue with a still immobile Felicity and lots gripping & biceps pulls, ladders and ninja warrior-ing getting our crew back together. End of this episode gives us Oliver on the mend and he and Felicity seem to have worked through their issues – specifically Helix and trust over Oliver’s son William. But oh no Adrian Chase pops up in our preview and he’s found William!

Up next Mayor Oliver Queen deals with legality of former DA Adrian Chase’s prosecutions because those criminals are going to be set free.

We’ve only got three episodes left. And the guest list for the final episode looks huge with plenty of returning criminal characters… And I’ve heard there may be a big cliffhanger.

Moving us closer to the finale, It’s the next new Arrow – “Honor Thy Fathers!”