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Supergirl: It’s a James Olsen, guardian-centric episode + Batman character possibilities? (S02:E20)

Posted at 2:20 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 09:56:58-04

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s a James Olsen, guardian-centric episode as James struggles with the image that the Guardian projects. He wants something not unlike Superman – a hero, bright and hopeful. The Guardian, however, wears a mask hiding his face and his armor is a dull gray… not unlike another brooding DCU character.
Winn, who says the Guardian is more like Superman’s pointy eared “frenemy,” tips us off that Batman exists in this Universe.

Fans! This opens up the possibility of Bat characters in Supergirl. I would live for a Batgirl/Supergirl team-up like in the comics. I doubt we’d get the actual Batman, but we did get Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. Who does come back in the finale.

James ultimately finds purpose after he discovers an abandoned young alien named Marcus. He’s part of a race of telephathic, telekinetic Phorians. Marcus’ mother is being sought by the DEO after she wrecked an outdoor market.

As much as I enjoyed James coming to terms with his own role and identity through Marcus, it’s a little late in the season for a character study. Most of this season’s plot movement happens in the episode with the advancement of Rhea as this season’s villain. Lena Luthor who’s desperate for a positive Mother authority figure is working with Rhea to build a teleportation gate under the guise that it will revolutionize shipping and transportation so Rhea can get home to her planet.

Lena. This is to you girl. You’re not suspect that this tiny, little, one-woman Rhea needs a massive alien fleet sized portal to walk through just to get home? I mean how much luggage did Rhea pack?

Speaking of Alien Fleets… that’s what the portal is for! Once Rhea fires it up, it brings James’ quest to help Marcus and the Phorians come to a close as James’ bond with Marcus prevents the Phorians from causing massive telekinetic destruction.
The sudden spike in ionic particle entanglement some such science stuff from the portal, sends our Superfriends to the lab to thwart Rhea’s plans.

Some convenient, falling equipment takes out Lena. I guess she’s done for the episode. Rhea takes down Martian Manhunter with a white Martian device leaving Supergirl to rush out the portal and Mon-El to take on his mom. Rhea lies and tells Mon-El his dad, Lar Gand, was so distraught he took his own life.

Our episode ends with a daxamite alien fleet coming through the portal and flying over National City.

But what’s this? in our trailer for this week it’s Lillian Luther AND Cat Grant!

Who else would Supergirl team-up with to take on the threat of aliens but alien-hating Lillian Luther and Camdus. With Cadmus coming back to a conclusion on the alien threat, maybe this season wasn’t so uneven and unfocused like I thought. But, for me, it’s more about the best character on Supergirl, Cat Grant!

Two episodes left! Will Kara and crew and Cadmus be able to handle the Rhea and the daxamite invasion? Or will this be a job for General Zod? Let’s find out in the new Supergirl… “Resist!”