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The Flash: Barry get his memory wiped and Savitar’s amnesia causes some time loop problems (S03:E21)

Posted at 12:02 PM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-16 12:02:35-04

Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

With the Savitar reveal as a time remnant Barry, one still alive after he finished the purpose he was created for.

Remember Barry plucks versions of himself from time with the sole purpose to die when faced with an impossible threat.

But this burned, scarred Barry lived and he tells us the real Barry and Flash family, not knowing how to deal with him, rejected him.

This rejection corrupted the personality of time remnant Barry who’s new motivations were A) to become a time god and B) destroy the Flash.

Since he knows all of Barry’s history up to the point he was plucked from time, Cisco devises a plan to wipe Barry’s long term memory –  does it work?

Kinda… which brings me to this week’s Flashpoints

Levity, Brevity Boo

One of the things that set Flash apart from Arrow was it’s fun take on Super-heroes, it’s sense of family, and their battles against an ever changing, over the top rogues gallery.

This season of Flash has been uniquely dark though. When Barry’s memory is wiped at the beginning of this episode, it doesn’t just take away his memory but it also takes away all the angst from the season including the deaths of his parents and potential death of Iris.

And this Barry is light and fun and funny. He falls in love with Iris all over again, even re-discovering his speed powers after a kiss. Iris was tempted to not have his memories restored and truthfully so was I.

Closed Time loop problems

Even Savitar is affected by Barry’s memory wipe. Not knowing who he is or his purpose, Time Remnant Barry is stuck in a state of amnesia.

It also means Savitar never used his powers to create Wally’s speed. Wait what?

This point didn’t make sense. If wiping Savitar’s memory undid a prior action then all prior actions should have been undone. Right?

The only purpose in taking away Wally’s powers is that it put Central City in more danger and gives the Flash Squadron a plot reason as to why to restore Barry memories.

Cold Comfort

Since it’s Cailtyn who’s the biomed expert and not Cisco, Killer Frost comes to Star Labs to fix Barry’s memory problem.

But why does Killer Frost want Savitar restored? What did he promise her? They dance around it while chatting in the lab but Killer Caitlyn never says.

My money is on Ronnie Raymond. I bet time Remnant, god of speed Savitar promises to bring Ronnie back! Will we see his return in the finale?

Only two episodes left!

And with Tracy and HR having finished the speed force bazooka they need a power source for their plans.

How about a Dominator crystal from Invasion suspiciously guarded by Kingshark! It’s a team-up with master thief Leonard Snart Captain Cold! But could it be he also has some chilly advice for Killer frost?

It’s the countdown to the Flash finale with the new episode Infantino Street!