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Supernatural Bloopers (Season 8)

Posted at 11:37 AM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 11:34:18-04

With Season 12 of Supernatural coming to a close on May 18, 2017, we thought we’d do a #throwbackthursday to Season 8. It’s not just any throwback, we’re giving you a quick over view and countless funny moments/bloopers from the season behind the scenes.

Here’s what happened in Season 8 (It’s been 4 seasons after all):

One year after the defeat of the Leviathans, Dean escapes Purgatory with Benny, and reunites with Sam who has retired from hunting. Not long after Dean discovers that Kevin had escaped Crowley’s abduction, Kevin reveals that he stole another Word of God from Crowley and discovered the means of closing Hell forever. Now reunited Sam and Dean embark on their monster hunts while Kevin continues to translate the tablet to stop Crowley.

Sam and Dean’s relationship is challenged as Sam stopped hunting for a year. Dean, however, remains in contact with Benny, who is trying to live without killing but is missing Purgatory.

The season also features flashbacks in both Sam and Dean’s past year on Earth and Purgatory. Dean constantly fought monsters in Purgatory until Benny saved him and told him of a portal which could transport humans out. Dean and Benny find Castiel and the three fight past Leviathans to make it to the portal but Castiel refuses to leave. As for Sam, he retired from hunting and met a woman named Amelia and lived a normal life with her. However, once she discovers that her husband, a soldier presumed KIA, was still alive, Sam left to allow her to reunite with him. Eventually Castiel returns, freed from Purgatory by the mysterious but powerful angel Naomi, who has apparently taken control of Heaven and puts Castiel under her control to spy on the Winchesters for her own motives. Meanwhile, Amelia returns to Sam to re-connect but Sam pushes her away for good while Benny helps Dean by returning to Purgatory.

Kevin eventually learns the three trials for sealing Hell from the Demon Tablet: kill a Hellhound and bathe in its blood, free a soul from Hell (who turns out to be Bobby) wrongfully imprisoned, and finally cure a demon who they choose to use on Crowley. However, the Winchesters and Castiel learn from Meg, before she is killed by Crowley, of the Angel Tablet which Naomi tries to have Castiel steal for her own uses. Additionally, Sam and Dean encounter their grandfather Henry and a powerful demon named Abaddon who is a Knight of Hell, among the oldest and most powerful demons. While Henry is killed and Abaddon is decommissioned, the brothers learn of a bunker belonging to the Men of Letters, the collectors of information on the supernatural who entrust a few hunters to handle the most powerful monsters. In the midst of the trials, Sam and Dean encounter an angel named Metatron, the Scribe of God and the creator of the tablets who reveals the nature of the angel tablet to Castiel.

In the season finale, Sam and Dean manage to capture Crowley to use him as the last trial and cure him while Naomi continues looking for Castiel and captures Metatron, forcing Castiel to work with Dean to finish the angel trials. Meanwhile, Sam is interrupted by Abaddon but fends her off as Crowley begins to show signs of humanity. Naomi realizes that Metatron is not planning to seal Heaven but is planning to break Heaven and cause the angels to fall and that if Sam completes the final trial, he will die as God wanted. Dean returns to Sam and in an emotional breakdown they make up for their years of mistakes but Sam passes out while Metatron betrays Castiel and takes his grace, turning him human. Moments later the angels of Heaven fall all across the Earth as Sam, Dean, Kevin, Castiel, and Crowley are forced to watch helplessly.