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Supergirl: Rhea and Supergirl and Superman… It’s a showdown! (S02:E21)

Posted at 12:15 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 12:15:47-04

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

National City is under siege by an Alien Armada led  Queen Rhea of Daxam!

And Rhea’s plans are expected. Lay waste to Earth, build monuments and pyramids to create New Daxam and enslave Earth’s population. What will ensure this? A marriage between the Prince Mon-El and Earth brightest Lena Luthor. Between the costumes, the lasers shooting down on the city and the campy lines this episode was giving me classic Flash Gordon realness minus the Queen soundtrack. Kara – ah Savior of the Universe!

Who will save us? Is it Alex and the DEO? Is it Supergirl? Is it Lillian Luthor? Is it President Lynda Carter and Airforce One? Or the Queen of all media, the return of Cat Grant! Oh and hey? And where’s Superman?

After the DEO gets invaded by the Daxamites, our Superfriends set up base inside the alien bar. Then Winn intercepts a communications exchange between Queen Rhea, President Lynda Carter, who for some reason is charging right into battle making demands with only airforce one and two fighters and not the might of the full US military… and surprise the best character on Supergirl ever, Cat Grant who’s also conveniently on Airforce One!

Rhea quickly bats down this threat and we get our Durlan confirmation when President Lynda Carter reveals her self to be a shapshifter from Durala… seriously I never felt to rural Texas as when President Lynda Carter pronounce Durala and I’ve been all like saying it DURLAN Y’ALL

President Lynda Carter want sAlex to break back into the DEO and use the positronic, ionic, gravitonic, particolincs….. the laser cannon to shoot down Rhea’s ship. (at least Flash has the sense to dub theirs a speed bazooka)

In order to save Mon El and Lena, still on board the ship, Supergirl makes a deal with Lillian and cadmus. So Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman hacks the phantom Zone projector from the fortress of solitude…. wait…. a phantom projector?! That’s the device the Kryptonians use to imprison criminals into the phantom zone… Hey fans! I think we know how General Zod’s coming back!

Anyway, they beam aboard Rhea’s ship to save Mon-El and Lena who are already staging their own escape… but hey! Never trust Lillian, right? Who tricks Supegirl and Mon El, trapping them aboard Rhea’s ship while Lillan, Lena and Cyborg Superman teleport off. In some reverse trickery, Supergirl and Winn have planned for this with Winn taking control of Cyborg Superman allowing Mon-El to get to safety.

But not before Lillian tells Alex to use the cannon to shoot down Rhea’s ship… The daxamites are prepared and blow up the cannon because yeah they do!

Our episode ends with a showdown between Rhea and Supergirl and duh duh… Superman! That’s where he’s been? Why’s he working with Rhea? Why are Supergirl and Superman battling in our new preview. It’s got to be mind control!

It’s our Season 2 finale and the fight of a century… on the next new Supergirl… “Nevertheless She Persisted!”