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The Flash: A multiverse? The end for Iris? And the showdown between Barry and Savitar. (S03:E22)

Posted at 9:35 AM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 09:35:19-04

Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s 24 hours before the death of Iris West! And we know this because the producers told us in a text graphic at the beginning of the episode. And we’re going to get to the end of that countdown with the death of Iris scene we’ve been shown all season long!

First with the Flash Squadron needing a power source to power the speed bazooka, Cisco conducts a search and discovers a piece of Dominator tech from the Invasion crossover that will do just that. The problem? It’s in lockdown at ARGUS and Lyla (Hey it’s Lyla) Lyla isn’t just going to give it over especially since Barry has been so reckless of recent… you know like that whole flashpoint thing where Lyla’s daughter Sara is now James Jr.

So Flash does what any hero would do… He breaks into ARGUS with the help of a plucked from time master thief Captain Cold. Duh! Which brings me to Flashpoints:

Thief with a Heart of Cold

First Make the Plan. Second Execute the Plan. Three Expect the Plan to Go off the Rails. Four Throw Away the Plan

Did Snart just describe the entire season? I’m joking. But I’m living for the return of Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart.  And in an interesting twist he provides not only the comedy but Flash’s moral compass.

With Flash doing the very illegal breaking into ARGUS and even willing to go so far as kill KingShark (who’s guarding the Dominator power source), It’s Snart who saves his soul. Ultimately telling Flash “stop trying to defeat Savitar at his own game. Your goodness is your strength.”

Flash’s redemption by risking it all to save Snart gives Lyla the comfort to give Flash the power source.

Can you tell me how to get

Did you notice the location of the final scene being said over and over? Infantino Street. Doesn’t that seem like an odd street name? Comic fans will recognize this as a reference to editor and artist Carmine Infantino! Infantino penciled the very first appearance of Barry Allen in the pages of Showcase! Plus he penciled Flash #123 in which Jay Garrack the golden age Flash and Barry Allen the Silver Age Flash first met. That issue even introduced the concept of the multiverse to DC! Is that a clue to our ending?

Blue Clues

Speaking of clues… Is the resolution of the death of Iris that obvious based on the clues presented in the episode? Turn off now if you don’t want to hear my theory.

So… First Flash uses the HR’s facial trans-mor-gri-fi-cation device to become Lyla to stage the break in at ARGUS. We even discover that it’s so precise it can withstand a retinal scan.

Second after HR reveals to evil Barry that Iris is on Earth 2 allowing evil barry to capture her (oh wait side note Evil Barry takes Wally off the board by breaking his leg… yowsa!) anyways HR has a breakdown to Cisco questioning his role and purpose. Cisco convinces him to stay behind and guard STAR Labs like he always does… the lingering shot in HR suggests he’s making a plan on his own

Third… The speed bazooka doesn’t ultimately work… but during the battle, Savitar’s attention is taken off Iris. Did HR switch places with her? The prophecy was one will die but it didn’t say which one.

We also know that earlier in the episode HR invites Tracy to become a part of Team Flash? Will Tracy replace HR on the team in the event of his death?

And finally we still don’t know what Killer Frost wants from Savitar? My bets on a Ronnie Raymond return? Up next is our final showdown between Flash and Savitar! I’m hoping for more answers than questions but I’m sure there will be a big cliffhanger!

Let’s find out in our Flash Finale… Finish Line!